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Lowongan Besar Besaran PT. MC PET Film Indonesia (Mitsubishi Chemical Group) Mei 2017

Lowongan Besar Besaran PT. MC PET Film Indonesia (Mitsubishi Chemical Group) Mei 2017

The Mitsubishi Plastics Group maintains a corporate principle of “Always creating higher value and contributing to establish a better society.” Mitsubishi Plastics celebrated its 70th anniversary in February 2016. Ever since our establishment we have worked diligently to ensure the sustainable growth of our business, in step with the development of Japan’s economy and the needs of each era. We offer a comprehensive range of processed products-ranging from functional materials that sustain everyday life, to innovative high performance products-across a wide spectrum of fields including electronic information, foodstuffs, medical, industrial, construction, and agriculture.

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Looking at our global operating environment, however, changes are occurring across every aspect of our business at an unprecedented pace. It is for this very reason that we must draw on our advanced processing technologies and ability to develop new products nurtured over many years to address global environment and energy issues while accurately resolving our customers’ problems. Through these means, we can then engage in activities that are of genuine significance to society. In the new medium-term management plan, “APTSIS20・Plus” (FY2016-2020), we will focus on “Environment,” “Food,” “Medical” fields. Through manufacturing innovations, we strive to create new value to realize the concept of KAITEKI as a member of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group.

Mitsubishi Plastics will be integrated with Mitsubishi Chemical and Mitsubishi Rayon under the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings and make a fresh start as Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation on April 1, 2017.

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Through the integration of the three companies, we will strengthen our competitive edge and further enhance our corporate value.

As to remain a corporate group trusted by our customers, we will address challenges through all-out efforts more than ever, therefore we kindly ask for your continued support.

PT. MC PET Film Indonesia (Mitsubishi Chemical Group) membutuhkan tenaga kerja untuk mengisi posisi :

1. Operator (7 orang)
Persyaratan: laki2 umur max 22 thn, lulusan SMA IPA, SMK listrik/mesin/kimia.
2. QC Officer (1 orang)
Persyaratan: umur max 28 thn, sarjana lulusan teknik kimia.

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