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Lowongan Kopi Kenangan Penempatan Jabodetabek Juli 2020

Lowongan Kopi Kenangan Penempatan Jabodetabek Juli 2020

Kopi Kenangan is the fastest growing non-franchise coffee chain in Indonesia. The idea of Kopi Kenangan started because the founders have the mission to spread their passion for Indonesian coffee.

The Mission: to become the leading coffee chain in Indonesia and beyond by leveraging the ‘New Retail’ environment where the boundary between offline and online commerce disappears as we focus on fulfilling the personalized needs of each customer.

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The Vision: to become the biggest coffee chain in Indonesia and beyond (international expansion) through high quality yet affordable product, technology, fast & friendly service, quality control, and creative R&D.

Lowongan Kopi Kenangan Penempatan Jabodetabek Juli 2020


Hi, para Mantan! ♥️
Kopi Kenangan membuka kesempatan untuk kalian semua yang ingin menjadi Teman Mantan di Kopi Kenangan untuk posisi Barista untuk lokasi Jabodetabek.
– Maximum age 25 years old, and minimum height 160 cm.
– Possess SMU, Diploma in Food & Beverage Services Management , Hospitality/Tourism/ Hotel Management or equivalent
– Preferably less than 1year experience as Barista in Food/Beverage/Restaurant Service or equivalent.
– Shift work therefore must be willing to work early morning, late evening, weekend and/ or holiday
– Inventory Control experience.

Kamu bisa kirimkan dokumen dibawah ini:
1. CV
2. Foto copy KTP
3. Foto copy SKCK
4. Foto copy buku tabungan BCA
5. Foto copy NPWP
6. Foto copy kartu keluarga
7. Foto copy ijazah
8. Pas photo 3×4

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Untuk para Mantan yang butuh info lowongan di Kopi Kenangan dan ingin menjadi Teman Mantan, yuk pantengin terus instagram kita


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