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Lowongan Operator Produksi besar besaran PT. Tong Hong Tannery Kawasan Industri Modern Cikande, Juni 2018

Tong Hong Tannery manufactures split leather in Vietnam, South China and Indonesia.

Tong Hong Tannery strives to consistently deliver quality split leather and service to the largest footwear brands in the world at an affordable price. Our main products are Suede, PU Coated Leather, Hydro PU Coated Leather and other unique fashion items made from split leather.

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The environmental attitude of consumers has shifted greatly over the past two decades. Consumers are demanding products that tell an eco-friendly story. Tong Hong is proud to be an industry leader in producing responsible leather with a recycled water usage rate of nearly 80%. The remaining 20% is released into the environment cleaner than when it is first put into our systems. Tong Hong Tannery has received LWG Gold Medals in all 3 locations.

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Tong Hong Tannery Group was founded in 1990 by President Michael Shih and has been guided by Chairman of the Board Yang Zheng of Ty Che Group. It is through their vision that Tong Hong Tannery has become the largest split leather producer in the world. At this time capital assets exceed forty million USD and current assets exceed one-hundred million USD.

Our capacities in Vietnam & China are 4,000,000 SF/month for Suede and PU Coated Leather and Indonesia’s monthly capacity is 4,000,000 SF of PU-Coated Leather.

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Lowongan Operator Produksi PT. Tong Hong Tannery Kawasan Industri Modern Cikande, Juni 2018



Operator Produksi / Spray
Operator Produksi / Mesin
Operator Produksi / P’Kulit
Operator QC (temporary)

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Persyaratan Umum :

1.Laki Laki
2. Perempuan (Khusus Operator QC)
3. diutamakan yg sudah berkeluarga
4. usia 21-30th
5. tidak buta warna
6. memahami proses produksi kulit
7. sehat jasmani dan rohani
8. siap bekerja dibawah tekanan
9. orientasi target