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Cuma Lulusan SMP ?Yuk Lamar ke nash eyelash extension Tangerang

Cuma Lulusan SMP ?Yuk Lamar ke nash eyelash extension Tangerang

Everyday is a Nash day for lash! Established in 2016 with the mission to support personal empowerment and transformation for our smart ladies out there with instant, easy and affordable beauty solutions ♥


We prioritize the best customer experience, having the highest quality of products and safest techniques. Our specialists have undergone professional training to ensure treatments to be as comfortable as possible. Being beautiful has never been so


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There’s no greater freedom for a busy woman than waking up, getting dressed, and walking out the door to start her day. And that’s the luxuriously simple lifestyle you can grow accustomed to after you applied our lightweight and comfortable semi-permanent eyelash extensions. The extra time you would’ve spent painstakingly washing away your sleepy raccoon eyes (despite what you thought was a thorough cleansing the night before), then curling your eyelashes and applying enough coats of mascara to look alive first thing in the morning could be allocated toward a longer workout, more quality time with your kids, or 10 precious extra minutes of sleep. And our affordable – competitive prices makes your monthly upkeep a breeze, because you’ll enjoy premium products and services and the utmost care from your favorite lash stylist.

What to Expect?

New to eyelash extensions? We understand the unknown can be intimidating. But have no fear — it’s actually a relaxing, enjoyable experience. In fact, since your eyes are closed for the duration of the appointment, many of our guests simply drift off for a nap (how often do you get two hours of peace and quiet?). Please arrive for your appointment 10 minutes early, with a make-up-free face, to fill out some paperwork. Next, your stylist will escort you to a private room, where you’ll lay on a comfortable, cushioned massage table, draped under a cozy velour blanket. Your stylist will then conduct a lash health evaluation, answer any questions you have, guide you in choosing the perfect lash style, and begin applying your eyelash extensions. When you awaken, you’ll find the longer, thicker and more voluminous eyelashes you’ve been dreaming of.

Cuma Lulusan SMP ?Yuk Lamar ke nash eyelash extension Tangerang



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Usia 17 – 26th


Belum menikah

Pendidikan Min.SMP

Berpengalaman / Tidak berpengalaman (akan di training)

Penglihatan Normal

Siap mengikuti training 1- 2 bulan di gading serpong

penempatan gading serpong/pondok indah/muara karang / kemang / bintaro

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